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BACFest 2024 will take place on the West Coast this year in Bend, Oregon, on Wednesday, September 18 – Sunday, September 22, 2024. We have been working since last September to present this official announcement to the Beech Aero Club members. The event will begin on Wednesday, September 18, 2024, at our host airport, KBDN Bend Municipal Airport, five miles northeast of the city of Bend. We have activities, maintenance clinics, tours, and meetings planned for this year’s gathering. If you would like to join and become a member of the Beech Aero Club, please access the following link: Beech Aero Club Membership for additional information. As a member you can attend BACFest 2024 this year in beautiful Bend, Oregon, for the Beech Aero Club’s annual convention, meeting, and annual awards banquet.

Bend PowerPoint: We have created an introductory PowerPoint presentation for your viewing to showcase this year’s venue. Please click on the following link: Bend PowerPoint to view a few of the highlights of Bend, Oregon, and surrounding attractions that you might experience this year.

Hotel Accommodations: This year hotel accommodation will be at the Waypoint Hotel, Bend OR, located ¾ mile from downtown Bend. Please call the Waypoint Hotel directly at (541) 382-7011 and ask for, “BACFest 2024”, to receive the special discounted rates. This is an independently owned, recently renovated boutique hotel and the room selection and availability are limited, so make your reservations early. Please review the “Bend PowerPoint” (above) for available room options.

Final Reservation Date: Reservations will be available until Wednesday, August 28, 2024. Waypoint Hotel will honor the BACFest members with the special rate before and after the official event to allow those who would like to explore Central Oregon further.

Nearest Commercial Airports: For those flying commercial flights into Bend, the nearest regional airport is RDM-Redmond. Redmond is located in the heart of Central Oregon, 17 miles north of Bend and approximately a 22-minute drive. RDM provides 30 daily flights and serviced by five air carriers: Alaska, American, Avelo, Delta, and United Airlines. PDX-Portland International Airport which is 158 miles northwest of Bend and approximately a 3.5-hour drive and SEA-Seattle/Tacoma Airport which is 319 miles and approximately 5.5-hour drive. Both of these airports are fed by all major airlines.

Registration: Click the following link for BACFest 2024: Registration for BACFest 2024

Regular updates of Bend BACFest 2024 will be posted monthly, so check back next often.

We look forward to seeing you in Bend Oregon in September 2024!

John Foster
Northwest Regional Director
Bend Oregon
May Update
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Hotel reservations are made. Don't know yet if will be flying the SD or driving - depends on weather and what's burning at the time. (though it seems like after the wildfires every years for the last 8 years there shouldn't be much left to burn.)

We'll be arriving a few days early on Sunday, 9/15. It'll give a chance to do some sight-seeing east of the mountains.

John, we'll plan on being available to help with set-up, etc, etc.
We look forward to seeing you and Robin here in Bend this September! Thanks for the offer to assist :)
Super informative and attractive PP presentation.
Redcoat's hotel reservation for 17-23 Sep now made and Ruth and I are already looking forward to BACFEST.
We'll be bringing a rental car in from Sea-Tac.

Great work John.
Thank you Jerry! You and Ruth will enjoy exploring this beautiful part of the world this September!
John -Steffi and I are unfortunately going to have to pass since our Flight to China leaves out Sept 20th from Atlanta
Have a great time
Sorry we are going to miss seeing everyone
Fred n Steffi Culleton
John -Steffi and I are unfortunately going to have to pass since our Flight to China leaves out Sept 20th from Atlanta
Have a great time
Sorry we are going to miss seeing everyone
Fred n Steffi Culleton
Hi Fred
Sorry to hear your schedule conflict will keep you two from BACFest this year. Enjoy your overseas adventure!
John, we are going to try to make it.
Marty, hope your able to attend. We may not be based in Sunriver for this event, but we are looking at a fly-out to Sunriver that would allow all members to attend (fly-out & short van excursion) for breakfast one morning. :cool:
Anne and I are registered with the hotel, not sure yet if we'll come in early or stay late to explore around the area. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Hi Dan. My "Constant Contact" skills are poor at best. Tomorrow evening Jeff will be assisting me with the registration page so that we can all make it official! Barring any problems, the link will be up and ready for all to sign up on Wed.


John, No worries. I saw the after April 8 date for registration. It is still after April 8 so you are completely on time.
Hotel is booked for BACFest 2024. Where do I do the club reservation?
Dan, and everyone else!! With some help from our fearless leader, the Registration page is now up! (Link is at the bottom of the first post in this forum). We are still working on the details and specific activities, so please watch this thread in the next couple of weeks for those updates.
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