BAC*Lite 2022 - April 1st, 2022 - KMPJ - Arkansas

Here is our FIRST ARRIVAL AT THE PARK AIRPORT (KMPJ), and an attempt to add a movie to a forum post.  Pilot's name being kept secret due to our BAC*Lite witness protection program ....

And a few more photos for you to enjoy.  I didn't pack my camera during the hike or our other gatherings, so I will ask the other attendees to post their photos when they have the time.  We enjoyed some wonderful weather. 

Hope to see more of you all next year.  Same location, and about a week or two before Sun-n-Fun 2023.

Fly safe, taxi safe,IMG_8507a.jpgIMG_8515a.jpgIMG_8523a.jpgIMG_8528a.jpg