BACFest 2023 - 13-17 September 2023 (KOSH)

The reason for wanting to know how you arrive is twofold.  One is to determine how to calculate award points, and the other is to know how may planes we will have at the event for parking and fly outs.  I think that the points are the same for flying commercial and driving, so no difference there.  You will not have an airplane at BACFest, so no difference there either.  Bottom line since you will have a vehicle at BACFest, I'd put down that you are driving. 


Someone with more authority may override me!

Bulletman70 said
What time will the Maintenance Clinic going to happen? I did see it listed anywhere. 

Also, Under How will you be arriving, there is no option for me. I will be flying commercial into Milwaukee and renting a car!
A bit of  schedule change for the Kohler tours on Friday.  The normal factory tour starts at 8:30. lasts for three hours and requires a 2 1/2 mile walk The American Club normal tour starts at 2:00 and lasts about an hour.

We will do an abbreviated factory tour starting  at 10:00 and lasting an hour to an hour and a half with about a one mile walk.  We will also have a special BAC American Club tour also starting  at 10:00.  Both tours should be over by 11:30 so everyone will have a few hours to shop, eat, and tour the Kohler Design Center.  We will try to leave at 1:30 so we can have the door prize warbird flights by 3:00, followed by the maintenance clinic at 4:00.  Busy Day!

Remember, on Thursday if you signed up for either Basler or the Redbird simulators, you can do both events.  We will have a Basler tour starting at 9:00, and a second one later if we need it.


Hint:  the sooner you register, the easier it is for me to plan the attendance for the events.
After repeated requests, I still haven't received the documentation on the RedBird flight simulator sessions, so I will share what I have been told:

* They are configured as single engine, fixed prop, fixed gear "172-like" aircraft

* We will have access to up to 10 simulators, which are FAA approved training devices

* There are about 20 VFR and IFR training sessions available, or you can create your own, or just 'fly for fun'

* CFIs will set up the scenarios and provide training and logbook sign offs where applicable.

The RedBird simulators do not have any motion capabilities, but there is a trainer that has hydraulics for crosswind training. I have not tried it, but have used the RedBird. I practiced landing at Pioneer Airport and flying approaches to an aircraft carrier by 'flying the ball'.

IF YOU ARE FLYING INTO APPLETON on Wednesday September 13 for BACFest 2023...   let me know the time. I will have a BAC van and can pick you up and drive you to Oshkosh. I must know the anticipated time and your contact information. Getting everyone on the same ride would be helpful.

Send your personal info and anticipated time to (Tom Corcoran)
Registered Anne and myself, hotel reserved long ago.  Registration link working fine and easy to use. 

Our target is Wednesday arrival about 1400.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying BAC Fest with y'all.
Jane and I are now registered, and will arrive via Sundowner Wed afternoon weather permitting.  Looking forward to seeing BAC friends again.
Robin & I are registered. Commercial into ORD. We probably won't get the BACfest until ~5pm Wednesday.
(arrival corrected)

Update, Leili and I will be driving to OSH, arriving at the hotel Tuesday evening.

Our engine is out for an overhaul and I doubt we will have the Sierra flying by then.


Elke and I won't make it to BACFest this year, vacation is too short to arrange it. That means, I can offer my Hotel room if somebody is interested!

Please send me an eMail to peter at schirrmeister dot org or a PM and I will give you all the details you need to take over the reservation.

1 King in the Hilton SEP 13 to SEP 17 total 501,40$.

Have fun guys!
Linda, I and son, Andy,  are not going to be able to make it to this year's BACFest.  The dates for it coinside exactly with my chiropractic college 50th year reunion.  It may be the lst time I will see any of my college classmates.  The college has a special reception for us.

We have a double queen booked at the KOSH Hilton for Wednesday through Sunday of BACFest.  If someone needs a room at the discounted rate, please sent me an email in the next week or so.  

We will dearly miss all of our BAC friends.


Mike & Linda Nielsen
Greetings fellow BACFEST'ers!

My commercial flight to BACFEST this year will bring me to Milwaukee (MKE) at 1:19 on Wed. Sept. 13th, and will be looking for a way to get to OSH.  Anyone else traveling through MKE this year who would like to share a rental car or is there another simple way to make the 93 mile trek?

See you all soon


I'll bet I'm not the only one checking the weather between home and KOSH.  Looking forward to seeing everyone shortly.
mdunlevie said
I'll bet I'm not the only one checking the weather between home and KOSH.  Looking forward to seeing everyone shortly.

I was planning to arrive today.  Due to weather I’m delaying my departure until tomorrow morning.  Weather permitting of course.  
TIEDOWNS, TIEDOWNS, TIEDOWNS!   If you are flying your airplane and plan on parking at the Hilton or the North Forty, you WILL need tiedowns!  Hilton has a cable to tie to , the North Forty is turf, so bring anchors.


Also, no open-toed shoes on the Kohler tours....
When asked for taxi destination from ground is the “north forty” appropriate?  The weather looks to be good by mid-afternoon on Wednesday.
My plan was to tell ground I'm heading to the Hilton.  Also planning to fly the FISK approach just because someone should see it.  She may not know she needs to see it, yet... 
Good point, Michael.  Everyone, tell ground you want the Hilton.  Easy to find.  Exit N2 or N3 off of west end of taxiway Bravo, depending on runway in use.


Flying the Fisk arrival is a good idea.  You never know when it might come in handy :)

  During AirVenture, you would join much earlier than FIsk and follow the VFR reporting points.