BACFest 2023 - 13-17 September 2023 (KOSH)

All registered with Hilton Garden Inn and booked my flight with Delta into Milwaukee for Wednesday morning, 9/13/23.  Will be at the hotel early afternoon and you'll likely find me on the patio with a cold beverage in hand!

After missing last year due to health reasons, I'm BAC and looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.

Great job so far Bob, keep the updates coming.


Registered for the Hilton Garden Inn, Sept 13 - 17.  Looking forward to it.  

Bob Schmidt is doing a great job organizing this year's BACFest.  It will be another great one.

Bob P
yep - - 13th to 17th - and will be looking for the flag pole for my normal daily IMG_3251a_1-2.jpgroutine .....

stakes and rope for the grass area

might be arriving from MT .....

I see Nelson, But Don't See the Trumpet! [img title="Confused" alt="Confused" /][/img]
Registered for the Hilton Garden Inn, Sept 12 – 17. Rachael and Larry (Ed) Wilkinson are registered and can not wait!!

Hopefully the weather will be good enough to fly from Florida. Will have Delta ready as plan B!!!
Mary and I had a change of plans and had to cancel our reservation for BAC Fest.  There should be a room open with king size bed and one ramp parking spot.  :(

We hope everyone has a good time.
I'm working on a couple of BACFest events for those that may not want to tour Basler Turbo Conversions or Lambeau Field.

In lieu of the Basler tour will be a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin, home of the Kohler Company, manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom appliances, and much more! Kohler is also home of the American Club, the only five star, five diamond resort in the Midwest. Originaly built as a dormitory for single male German immigrants working in the Kohler factory, it was remodeled to become the American Club, with a guided tour at 2:00pm. In the courtyard is a greenhouse imported from Lancashire England that now serves as a garden cafe.

The Kohler Design Center with model kitchens and bathrooms featuring Kohler products is open for browsing at your leisure. The lower level is a museum depicting Kohler's history. On display are Kohler appliances from the past and a Kohler generator Admiral Byrd took to the North Pole.

You can visit the Shops at Woodlake Kohler with over 20 boutique shops, including a restaurant and the KOHLER Chocolates shop. Yes, they make chocolates (and build golf courses) too!

For more information:

More info to come in lieu of the Lambeau field tour.
BACFest is getting closer and I will need to know if you will be participating in the following activities. This is for your information only and not an official sign up. That will come when you register.

Wednesday will be a pre BACFest informal gathering on the Hilton rooftop to watch arrivals. Snacks will be provided, so I'll need a head count.

Thursday there will be tours of Basler Turbo Conversions where they convert DC3s into zero-time BT-67 turbine aircraft, as well as Redbird simulator sessions. You can sign up for one or both.

For those not interested in airplane stuff on Thursday, there will be a tour of Kohler, Wisconsin, home of the folks that make bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as a bunch of other things (like chocolate!). At 2:00 o'clock you can take a guided tour of the American Club, the Midwest's only five star, five diamond resort, originally built in 1928 to house single male German immigrants employed by Kohler. You will need to sign up for the Kohler tour.

Thursday evening will be the Awards Banquet and you will have a choice of three entrees:

Tenderloin stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese then topped with mushrooms and onions in Sicilian butter


Chicken breast topped with a pecan & mushroom cream sauce


Salmon served with dill sauce, with an herb butter

You will need to pick one entree or check that you are not attending

Friday you will have a choice of taking Lambeau Field or Paine Art Center and Gardens tours and I'll need to know if you are taking either tour.

Saturday is the Iola fly in pig roast. I'll need to know if you want chicken if you don't eat pork.


Hope that helps in your planning

yes for Wednesday night

kohler tour

thurs- 1- tenderloin and 1- salmon

friday- Lambeau Field 


thin that’s everything 

thanks all the for good work putting together 

Fast Fred

ps will be able to pick up van for you Wednesday 
Denis & Kathryn,

Thursday, Denis - Basler Tour

Thursday banquet - (1) Tenderloin & (1) Salmon

Friday - Paine Art & Gardens (2)

Saturday - Fly out, N9357S
It has come to my attention that not all BAC members, including myself, are football fans, so I'm adding a tour of the Kohler factory which will take place on Friday, at the same time as the Kohler Design Center and Americal Club tours.  I had to change the Paine Art Center tour to Thursday which will take place the same time as the RedBird and Basler Turbo Conversions events. There will be multiple RedBird sessions  and Basler tours, so you can participate in both.


The BACFest registration form should be online soon and should incorporate these changes. To Register please click on the link below and then click the "Register Now" button.


NOTE:  Our unused block of rooms at the Hilton will be released on August 14.  No guarantee of availability or price after that date, so please reserve before then.  You can always cancel if necessary.
To Register for BACFest 2023, please click on the link below:

The event landing page will open and then just click on the "Register Now" button as shown in the graphic below.

If you click on the picture below, it should enlarge for easier reading.

There is one correction to the registration.  You will be able to attend both the Basler tour and the RedBird simulator sessions.  Please mark both if you are attending both so I can get an accurate headcount.


The registration link has been added to the site header with the small logo.

A copy of the blurb is available on an unprotected page at if you want to share with non-members or other press/public.  That page has links to the forums and a link to Joining.  The links to the forum on that page will give a member only content error as usual.
What time will the Maintenance Clinic going to happen? I did see it listed anywhere. 

Also, Under How will you be arriving, there is no option for me. I will be flying commercial into Milwaukee and renting a car!
Still working on the maintenance clinic.  Trying to get an EAA person to join us, but so far no luck.   Seems they are having a board meeting that weekend and everyone is busy.  About the only free times are Friday and Saturday afternoons, unless I do some major shifting to accommodate getting someone from the EAA to join us.  Ideally, I'd like to get someone familiar with VARMA, since it applies to most , if not all, of our airplanes,
I'm also working on door prizes, which will be a formation flight of 3 or 4 warbirds, currently a Nanchang and a couple of Yaks.  That will have to take place on Friday afternoon, as they are all doing an airshow on Saturday.   Mild aerobatics included it desired, complete with smoke!