BACFest 2023 - 13-17 September 2023 (KOSH)

Got started today from VA but ran into the cold front, as expected.  Stopped in PKB, should get there tomorrow afternoon.

Larry, do the A23As have our own line?

See you soon.
I'm looking at wheels up 11-1130 Central with N6635D.  The route takes me right over 68C so will probably stop and check it out.  ETA on the ground is probably about 2p give or take.

Edit:  Revised wheels up 1245 CDT.  ETA ~245p with the stop.
I'm jealous.  I wish I was heading out there with you.  After being in aviation for almost 50 years, I finally went to a national event, two in fact.  This year I went to SnF and AirVenture.  That was my fun time for the year.  There was a significant BAC presence at SnF, and a wonderful lunch and ice cream social at KOSH.

I've enjoyed all the BAC events I've attended, and am sure you will all have a very enjoyable time.
Pilots and Copilots,

Elke and I would love to be in OSH now to see you all again but we can't make it this time, we are too far away on our trip from Calgary to L.A.20230911123424_IMG_5121.JPG20230910161534_IMG_5029.JPG

We wish you all a great long weekend with a lot of fun and and a safe and enjoyable flight back home!

Greetings from Long Beach, WA20230911160232_IMG_5171.JPG20230913203205_IMG_5482.JPG20230913203459_IMG_5490.JPG
Anne and I returned home and the flight went as planned, definitely not the norm for our BAC Fest returns.  We had a great time and so enjoyed seeing you all, and missed those we'll see at another event.

Some very big thanks and congratulations to Bob Schmidt on putting on a great event.  Bob may read this next week when he wakes up from a well deserved week of rest after the event.  Bob it was wonderful!

And thanks to John Redmon who not only did the raffle, but was Bob's behind the scene guy and without his work we wouldn't have had the great time we did.

Typical, BAC Fest meetings are routed through food and beverage.