BACFest 2021 - Tullahoma, TN, 13-17 October 2021


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Fellow Beech Aero Club (BAC) members,


BACFest 2021 is fast approaching and the excitement is building.  This year's event will be in Tullahoma, TN and is being held in conjunction with the Beech Heritage Museum Beech Party 2021. 
We have a great program planned for you and I'm sure given the lockdown of 2020 that a lot of people will want to get out and stretch their wings.  There are more details and important information at the bottom of this post so please read everything.

Dates: 13-17 October, 2021
Location: Bechcraft Heritage Museum
Tullahoma, TN

BACFest 2021 Activities:-
Wednesday, 13 October:-  Travel to Tullahoma on Wednesday, 13 October, Arrive at the Beechcraft Heritage Museum, and check-in at the Museum Registration Desk.  A Beech Aero Club Director will be there to greet you.  Vans will be available to take you into town so you can check-in to your hotel in Tullahoma.  Later that afternoon there will be a Beech Aero club social and we can participate in the Meet & Greet and food truck event at the Beech Heritage Museum.

Thursday, 14 October:- BACFest 2021 officially begins. The plan is to Fly-in to the Museum, en masse, to mark the Start of BACFest 2021.
Event passes will be handed out and you will have an opportunity to explore the museum and what it has to offer at your leisure.
There will be a Seminar on Formation Flying 101 conducted by the "Air Boss" of Beech Party 2021, Rick Siegfried.
Lunch will be catered at the Museum and then it will be off to the Cascade Hollow Distillery to see how the famous George Dickle Whisky is made.
Back at the BHM hanger, there will be a BAC Social Hour, followed by a catered "Blue Grass Dinner" that evening at the home of the Parish Family.

Friday, 15 October:- we will start the morning with a "Mouse Meet" & "Maintenance" seminar out on the ramp area where we can meet each other and talk about our airplanes.  This will be followed by a seminar on "Rigging Your Mouse" put on by our Technical Director Rap McBurney.
This will be followed by a presentation on the "History of the Beech Heritage Museum" and a "Mouse Safety" seminar on "Owner Maintenance" to round out the morning.
Lunch will be catered at the Museum and then it will be time for our Annual General Meeting to start the afternoon.
This will be followed by a BAC personally guided tour of the entire Beechcraft Heritage Museum and all it's aviation jewels, a wine tasting sponsored by the Beech Aero Club and then off to the BAC Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet at the Whisky Trail BBQ & Steakhouse which has been reserved for just our group.

Saturday 16 October:- The morning opens with a Fly-out/Drive-out Breakfast to KRZR Cleveland Regional Jetport.
The Museum Members AGM is next for those who are Beechcraft Heritage Museum members, or lifetime members. 
The ladies, our Beech Babes, will be having a seminar on Right Seat Flying, both activities followed by a catered lunch at the museum.
After lunch it is off to Lynchburg to explore, shop or taste at your leisure and pleasure. The Jack Daniels Distillery, the Lynchburg Distillery and Winery and the Lynchburg HD dealership are all in walking distance of the Lynchburg town square. Lots of shops to explore and much history in this town.
We are hoping to have a presentation by Mr. Jack Braly on the Plight of the Baby Beeches, followed by the "Celebrating America" Dinner hosted by Textron in the Chianchette Hanger.
It is expected that our beloved "3Z" will be rededicated to the museum during this dinner and she will be sporting her new colours as she will be painted in "original livery" just like she rolled off on "The Fabulous Flight of the Three Musketeers" leading up to BACFest 2021.
The evening will end off with a BAC Sponsored Outdoor movie featuring "Planes".
Sunday 17 October:- Sunday morning will consist of a Departure Breakfast and many goodbyes till we meet again.
Looking forward to this years BACFest 2021 with great anticipation. It's going to be a good one!

Who needs to register for BACFest 2021? Everyone! 

I know that there are a number of you who registered for BACFest 2020 and Paid.  If that is you, then I need you to register again for BACFest 2021.  Use the promo code BACFEST2020 and hit the Apply button. That way when you get to the PayPal page you will not be charged again for this year.

If you registered for BACFest 2020 and did not pay, there are 8 of you that did that, then I need you to register again for BACFest 2021 and pay using the normal PayPal or Cheque options.

If you have booked a room and have not registered or paid for BACFest 2021, then I need you to do that as soon as possible.

I have been fielding a number of questions regarding what happens in terms of the pandemic, especially from our International members.  Should the event not take place, or if you cannot attend because of COVID-19 border or international travel restrictions, the Beech Aero Club will be happy to refund your registration.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your registration submitted as soon as possible.  The meal and event plan for the entire week hinges on the number of registrants that we have and I don't want anyone to go hungry.  Also, unless you are camping, you do not have to contact or register with the museum.  Everything is covered under your BACFest 2021 registration.  I just ask that you complete the registration questionnaire as completely as possible so that you have everything booked.  Thank-you.

Register Now!   Register for BACFest 2021  


BACFest 2021 Hotels

Due to the overwhelming number of people registering for BACFest 2021, we have already filled our quota of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express Inn & Suites.  Not to worry, there is plenty of room still at the Hampton Inn & Suites, just south of, and only a two minute walk from the Holiday Inn.

Right now the best way to book at the Hampton Inn is by online booking at their "direct" website.  If you are a Hilton Honours member, login and use your membership discounts.  If you are a senior, a AAA member, or an AARP member be sure to select that special rate to ensure that you do not pay full daily rate.

Thank-you to all who have registered so far.  This is shaping up to be the best BACFest ever! 
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge KGKT is only 136 nautical from Tullahoma and there are some fantistic places in the close area if anyone's coming even earlier or hanging around afterwards. Great rafting down by KRZR. [img class="spSmiley" title="Cool" alt="Cool" /][/img] Looking forward to this and seeing y'all again!
Margie and I have made our reservations for BACFest at Holiday Inn Express; our official hotel. Direct 931 222-1414. 

There are other Beech named clubs staying there so be sure to emphasize "Beechcraft 21" as the block booking name and tell them you are a Beech Aero Club member for our block of rooms and special rate.

As previous, we are adding extra days for exploring so we don't leave Tennessee until Tuesday October 19. We can extend that.

We are looking for invitations to join other BACers in peripheral events.


Tom Corcoran
Reservation made.  

We are planning to arrive on Thursday (10/14) and out on Sunday (10/17).  I know, short stay by the working people....
Redcoats reservation made and awaiting US accepting visitors again from the UK.

Arriving 13th from Atlanta area and departing 18th, probably toward Georgia.

Before then we would just like to be able to fly Baby sometime......

Jerry and Ruth
Peter and Leili are hoping to bring down our (new to us) Sierra. Provided, of course, the border is open by then.


We're arriving 13th out on the 17th, commercial via either Nashville or Atlanta (haven't made that decision yet) and will have a rental car.
Beth and I are currently booked at the Holiday Inn for the 13th thru the 18th and we will hopefully be arriving in our wonderful C24 Sierra.  We are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
Steve & Colleen Barlow are going as well.  Oct 13-18.  Relatively short-time member - 1st BACFest.  Plan to fly our B24 Sierra in to Pigeon Forge on 10/12 for the Trail of the Dragon ride and hang around for any post-Fest activities as well.  Looking forward to meeting some new folks!
In case the coffee hasn't kicked in and you remember if you registered for 2020, this post has a list, but not JP's "official" list,
Denis and Kathryn have a motel reservation and will be arriving on Thursday by B24R and departing on Sunday.
A2324pilot said
Denis and Kathryn have a motel reservation and will be arriving on Thursday by B24R and departing on Sunday.

I will be the first to ask the stupid question, if were registered for 2020 do we need to use the link and register for 2021?

Denis, Michael, et all.....

I would ask that everyone please fill out the Registration information for BACFest 2021. I need the answers to all the questions for everyone so I can formulate the meal plan, tours, etc.  I just saw the note from JP and I need to fix the registration page.  I have a complete list of all those who registered and paid/or were refunded for last year.  For the time being I am going to turn off the Registration page as it is quickly becoming confusing.  Thank-you for everyone's understanding.   
cmmguy said
Where is the link to register?

J, I have activated the BACFest Registration link just now on Post 1 of this thread.  It was taken down earlier this morning because we needed to update some areas of the registration process and wanted to get it fixed before we ended up too far down the rabbit hole.  I thank you for your patience.

I would ask that everyone who plans to attend BACFest 2021 to please fill out the Registration Form information and submit it. I need the answers to all the questions for everyone so I can formulate the meal plan, tours, transportation, etc.  If you registered and paid for BACFest 2020, and did not receive a refund when it was cancelled, then please insert BACFEST2020 in the promo code on the Registration Form.  This should ensure that you do not get charged again and will also ensure that we get your information for planning purposes.  I have a complete list of all those who registered and paid/or were refunded for last year so if you have an issue please contact me directly. 

Thank-you for everyone’s understanding.  I am not a website savvy, event management software guru, and I just started learning Constant Contact at 0600hrs this morning.  I am however, a Logistician and military planner so spreadsheets, matrices, and field message pads with stubby pencils will get us there. 

All For One! Let's have a Great BACFest 2021!