BACLite 2024 - - - May 17 to 19th, 2024 - - - Salida, Colorado - - - KANK

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We are a "GO" for BACLite 2024 during May of next year.  Below is my first draft of the event for your planning purposes.  We'll have fun!  Let the forum discussions begin .....


WEATHER FLEXIBILITY –  event is planned for Friday (May 17[sup]th[/sup]) arrival and Sunday departure.  However, if you need to arrive a day early, or depart a day late, we have that built into our schedule as well.

MEALS AND ACCOMODATIONS – this will be a family style event.  Meals will be prepared by volunteers.   Overnight lodging will be bunk-house style if needed, dependent on head count.  Most bedrooms (we have 12) are equipped with multiple beds.

EXPENSES –  our goal:   zero expenses for attendees once your prop stops at the Salida airport.

ARRIVAL OPTIONS – fly to Salida airport (KANK) and ground transportation to remote cabins will be provided.  Fly commercially to Colorado Springs and you will need a rental to drive the 105 miles to the event.  Fly your mouse to Pueblo, CO  (KPUB) and drive a rental car (also 105 miles).

Nelson Amen (trumpet)


In the coming months, I will post some "flying into Salida" tips for those that normally do not fly into the Rockies. In the meantime, here is the webcam that is positioned at the airport (KANK) so that you can view the weather and conditions real-time from your computer:

The hangar in the lower left of the frame is where we will hold the "BBQ for arrivals" event.

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I am posting another resource for attendees (my video link below). This gives you a good feel of the area around the Salida airport . No obstructions for a landing on 24, and there is a lot of room for maneuvering around and directly above the airport. In a month or two I will add a written list of suggestions for those arriving to the fly-in from the east. Hope to see you there!

trumpet nelson

I have created a video for your review. This shows a portion of your flight to Salida from the east. The first 1/2 shows the valley that you will follow into the mountains for about 35 minutes after crossing over the Interstate 25 highway. Ground elevation of the valley floor varies from 7,500 feet to 8,500 feet. The valley is approximately 5 miles wide.

Just before Salida, there is a ridge to fly over that is about 8,500 feet in height. The approach to this ridge is shown in the second 1/2 of this video clip. I have posted the link below.

The attached was filmed during my trip to Colorado this past week. I landed at the KANK airport about 12:20 pm after leaving San Antonio in the morning. I always plan to arrive early afternoon, or even late morning. The weather is always nicer earlier in the day. Enjoy the video.

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Please let me know if you plan to attend. I have asked for replies here on this thread by April 1st to help with my planning for the food, transportation, and lodging. Come and join us in the mountains ! Here are our three adjacent homes:

At this time it is Michael & Anne ... and .... Anthony & Penny. Denis and Kathryn have dropped out due to other commitments. We have plenty of room for more attendees, so I hope to add your name!

Just post here on this thread,
Nelson Amen
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Attached are my suggestions for your flight to the Salida airport. The text is supplemented by the movies I have posted above.

There have been times when I have flown in and out at a maximum of 9,500 ft for passenger comfort, and I will normally fly higher. Use a finger oximeter to watch your O2 levels. I use 92% as my action level to either put on my oxygen tank, or take a couple of deep breaths from my Walmart purchased bottle with the trigger. You will be at the higher altitudes (10,000 ft or more) for about 45 minutes. Us old pilots don't use that 12,500 ft number !

Plan to depart at least 200 lbs under max gross. The extra margin for climb performance is a good thing.

Departure end of the long runway (RWY 06) drops off into the valley, which gives us a lot of extra air .... nice.

Nelson Amen


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I don't know about that, This old guy went to 17,900 ft with no O2. I didn't want too, but I was kinda forced. OK, I could have turned back. But, I made it over that building cumulus. I was 61 back then.
Well - - - apparently the word got out about this great fly-in that we have planned for our world renowned BAC. So ... the State of Colorado was honored to post our airport (KANK) on the front cover. Sweet.


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We will be passing through on the 19th on our way to Breckenridge, Co. If you're still going to be there we can stop by for a hello/goodbye.

It will be great to see you all. Let me know if you want to spend an overnight. You are always welcome.

John - - that IS my plane. Took 3 passes to get that shot.

Would love to, but we will be staying in Santa Fe on the 18th. Salida is too far a one day drive for us old folk. Actually Santa Fe is pushing my envelope. But we will stop by for a short visit on the 19th.
At this time we have five of us at BACLite 2024 (Nelson, Michael, Anne, Anthony and Penny). But ..... HOPING TO HAVE MORE OF YOU JOIN IN!

Bottom line - - I am keeping the "registration" for this event open. Just post here on this thread and I will add your name. Again - - - zero expenses once you land and your prop stops. Can't get much better than that !

Photos - - BAC member Peter and I enjoy a lunch on the jeep trail that starts at our vacation homes. Airplanes traveling through Monarch Pass are actually below our elevation. Fun stuff !!

Taxi safe, fly safe,
Nelson Amen


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I am hoping to have more of you join in. We still have 9 empty rooms to fill for this no-cost-to-you fly-in weekend.

Current plans are to have the on airport "for your arrival" BBQ ready to serve lunch from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm on Friday at KANK. Please text (210-834-1991) or email your flight/arrival plans to me if possible Thursday or Friday so I will know what time to expect you. Of course, early arrivals (Thursday) are very welcome as well.

I will have three vehicles on-site dedicated for our use during the fly-in, so ground transportation is ready to go for any attendees. You can depart either Sunday or Monday - - no worries. No reason to push if the weather is marginal.

Last minute additions are more than welcome. We've got room !!

See ya soon,
Nelson Amen (trumpet)
Only 5 days out and the weather forecast is depicting some great flying conditions:

Thursday the 16th - - partly cloudy, high of 64 degrees, SW at 12 mph
Friday - Sunny, 71, WSW 14
Saturday - mostly sunny, 73, SW 14
Sunday - mostly sunny, 73, WSW 15
Monday - mostly sunny, 74, SW 16

Plan to land on rwy 24 at KANK and aim at least 1000 ft down the runway past the numbers, bring sunblock and a hat for the jeep ride into the mountains. And some good stories to go with our morning coffee.

Still hoping for more arrivals !! Free food and lodging !! Do it !!

trumpet nelson 210-834-1991


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